“THE NEW YORK color palette for color grading”

Color Correction and Color Grading New York Color Palette 300x60 - "THE NEW YORK COLOR GRADING PALETTE"
Color Palette for Color Correction
Color Correction and Color Grading New York Street scene 300x200 - "THE NEW YORK COLOR GRADING PALETTE"
New York Colors for Color Correction


The weekly color palette for color grading.

Every week for the next two months I will post a weekly color palette. Color palettes are used a lot in color correction. This one is dedicated to my friend and cinematographer in New York “Serge Hamad”. Serge is a great color artist.

COLOR PALETTES are great for getting all your colors great and matching. After all, every color tells a story. Di colorists love palettes for color correcting and color grading. I have seen many cinematographers, producers and directors work with their own custom made color pallets.

Great for using in videos, filming and photography.

What is New York without the Taxi Cab? THE YELLOW CAB. They have them in a couple of different yellow colors.

  • The Yellow of course represents the cabs but also part of the dress and her shoes and traffic lights.
  • The grey shades could represent the dull buildings and sidewalks or streets  and even the grey weather.
  • The blue could be blue jeans or other clothing pieces. Blue is also often in surrounding graphics.
  • The red could be clothing pieces such as a red scarf or a car stop lights etc.
  • Basically all the colors from the palette could be in clothing which makes it great because you hardly go wrong when using a color palette.

In color palettes you can always adjust the Saturation and Saturation but NOT the hue.

For a Di colorist its great working with pallets because in the color correction phase the colorist can pull up the palette and adjust accordingly. The Hollywood standard for color correction “Davinci Resolve” has some excellent tools for this.

For more information about color palettes and color correction / color grading please see adeepoberoi.com

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