Color casts (or a color cast) are tints of a particular color, usually (but not always) unwanted and affects the whole, or portion, of a photographic image evenly. There are types of light that can cause film and digital cameras to have a color cast. Illuminating a subject with light sources of different color temperatures will usually cause color cast problems in the shadows. In general, the human eye does not notice the unnatural color, because our eyes and brains adjust and compensate for different types of light in…

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"APOCALYPSE NOW": After many requests I decided to do a couple of more spontaneous articles about color grading palettes. Fascinated with colors I use the color correction program called Davinci resolve 15, the Hollywood industry standard. I choose the film Apocalypse Now because its an iconic movie and a classic favorite of many professionals in the media industry. This palette is extracted from a beautiful scene from this iconic movie, Apocalypse Now. These articles about color palettes are for everyone interested in seeing how colors are combined…

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This weeks color grading palette "The Black Panther Color Grading Palette" is taken from The Black Panther and I dedicate this article to my longtime friend who happens to be a great fan of The Black Panther, his name is Michel Drenthe film Director at Caribbean Filmcom in the tropical island of Curacao.   Despite its success the movie met with a lot of criticism. Then again, many great classics such as The Good The bad and The Ugly and films like Scarface all met with tremendous criticism…

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