The Scarface Color Grading Palette by Adeep Oberoi.

Di Colorists color grading scarface Palette 1 300x62 - SCARFACE COLOR GRADING PALETTE

This weeks color grading palette is the 1983 Miami Beach Color Palette.

The Miami Color Palette is the third palette in a series of eight weekly color palettes spread over two months. The Miami Color Palette is dedicated to my good friend “Alfredo Pedroso” Director, Pan-Regional Ad Sales at Sony Pictures Entertainment, Miami.

Color Palettes are great for using in filming, videos and photography.


Even though remastered, this color look is different from what is called the ‘Blockbuster Look’, it can also work for a Mediterranean scene or any other sunny film scene, but it will tell a specific retro story. This color look has less contrast than the Blockbuster Look, no real cool shadows and more conservative skin tones.

Di colorist color grading scarface Original 300x200 - SCARFACE COLOR GRADING PALETTE

Tony Montana “Scarface” played by Al Pacino and Manny Ribera played by Steven Bauer


The vibrant pastel color look as Miami in those years is well know for.

Vibrant complimentary colors in which the skin tones play a leading role. Everything color this image compliments the skin tones.


Complimentary colors are colors directly opposite each other in the color spectrum and even though not as vibrant as the Blockbuster Color Palette, this Miami palette still uses the technique of complementary colors. The contrast of complementary colors creates a vibrant look especially when used at full saturation.

di colorict Adeep color wheel  300x168 - SCARFACE COLOR GRADING PALETTE

Miami 1983 Colors

Di Colorist Adeep Oberoi Umbrella - SCARFACE COLOR GRADING PALETTE Umbrellas and other background props.

Di Colorist Adeep Oberoi Skintones - SCARFACE COLOR GRADING PALETTE Skin tones, table, beach sand (less saturated) and shirt (less saturated) of Al Pacino.

Di Colorist Adeep Oberoi Shirt - SCARFACE COLOR GRADING PALETTE Shirt of Steven Bauer

Di colorist Adeep Oberoi Ocean - SCARFACE COLOR GRADING PALETTE Sea in the background

Di Colorist Adeep Oberoi fruits - SCARFACE COLOR GRADING PALETTE Fruits and plastic bag, beach sand (less saturated)


Good looking skin tones are always very appealing to the eyes, even though the skin tones in this palette are not as vibrant as in The Blockbuster color palette. They are still pleasing to the eyes.


In color palettes you can always adjust the Saturation, Brightness and Saturation but NOT the hue.

For a Di colorist its great working with pallets because in the color correction phase the colorist can pull up the palette and adjust accordingly.

Please see Di colorist:

COLOR PALETTES are not only great for getting all your colors great and matching, they also tell a story. After all, every color tells a story. Di colorists love working with palettes for color correcting and color grading. I have seen many cinematographers, producers and directors work with their own custom made color pallets to support the story being told. This is very clear in the movie Scarface. This color palette would not work for a New York movie, because it will not give the New York feel. But it has Miami written all over it.

Great for using in filming, videos and photography.

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